Ritual Bar Green Tea Body Soap Bar with Anticellulite Effect, 3.52 oz, With Green Tea Extract, Coffee, Olive Fruit Oil and Avocado Oil – Stimulate and Smooth Review

Ritual Bar Green Tea Body Soap Bar with Anticellulite Effect, 3.52 oz, With Green Tea Extract, Coffee, Olive Fruit Oil and Avocado Oil - Stimulate and Smooth

  • NOURISHING DAILY CLEANSER TO REGENERATE EVEN THE MOST SLUGGISH AREAS- Enjoy a full body treatment in the shower especially designed by renown beauty expert Joanna Vargas. Using a stimulating soap containing healthy and proven beneficial ingredients increases oxygenation and circulation while detoxifying. This is all a woman needs to keep her skin healthy!
  • A GO-TO COUNTER CELLULITE, DULL SKIN AND DRYNESS THANKS TO ITS NATURAL INGREDIENTS- Avocado Oil and Olive Fruit Oil contain essential fatty acids that dry skin needs. Phenolic compounds provide antioxidant benefits. Also effective in treating sun or climate damaged skin, as it helps moisturize and regenerate the epidermis
  • ️ INVIGORATING BODY SOAP, INCREASES CIRCULATION AND DETOXES THE TISSUE- Anti-inflammatory power is given by the polyphenols in Green Tea. Coffee extract also reduces the size of fat cells and therefore improves the appearance of cellulite. Increases circulation to lessen the red or pigmented appearance of skin
  • ANTI-AGING AND HYDRATING, IDEAL FOR ALL SKIN TYPES INCLUDED SENSITIVE ONES- This soap not only softens your skin and reduces sun damage. Green Tea extract calms inflammation, speeds wound healing, stimulates new cell growth, builds collagen, and improves circulation
  • ❤️ IF YOU DON’T FEEL YOUR BODY LOOK AND FEEL BETTER, WE’LL GIVE YOU A FULL REFUND- We know there is not a magic cure for cellulite, but using this soap after an invigorating dry brush session with Joanna Vargas Ritual Brush will smooth and improve the appareance of damaged skin


Since the beginning, Joanna Vargas has been focused on one thing: beautiful skin. Combining her commitment to plant-based ingredients and her passion for science, Joanna’s nature-meets-technology approach has made her one of the most sought out estheticians and experts in the beauty industry today.

Bringing her background in photography and women’s studies into the beauty industry, Joanna navigated her way through her early days as a facialist at one of New York City’s first organic spas and a specialist at a top celebrity dermatologist’s office before striking out on her own. In creating her signature services, she combined all natural skincare products with proven techniques including microcurrent, microdermabrasion, oxygen infusions, and LED light therapy to deliver immediate results.

As her practice evolved and expanded to both coasts, Joanna was inspired to apply her philosophy to a namesake skincare collection, making it possible for clients and fans everywhere to maintain their skin at home.

Today, Joanna’s results-driven treatments and products are a favorite among ⭐⭐ celebrities, supermodels, socialites, editors, and women who simply want the best for their skin. ⭐⭐

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