Old Spice Men’s Body Wash, Denali Scent, 16 Oz (Pack of 4) Review

Old Spice Men's Body Wash, Denali Scent, 16 Oz (Pack of 4)

  • Unique formula containing ingredients to restore moisture to parched skin.
  • Old Spice Denali body wash has a brisk airy scent that reminds men of wide-open plains, azure skies and a particularly smooth and hydrated mountain made out of skin.
  • Helps restore the soft, smooth feel of your skin.

INDICATIONS:Old Spice Fresh Collection Body Wash, Denali cleans skin and throws odor out on its ear. Put a small amount in your hand, loofah or washcloth in the shower, work up a lather, and use to clean your body. Climb the tallest tree. Sail the widest ocean. Denali smells like musky woods, the Pacific Northwest, and mountains with multiple names.

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